Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Best book blog

My best book from third quarter was 13 gifts. It’s a fiction book and the main characters are Leo. Amanda, Rory, and Tara. Tara breaks Into school to steal a goat and pepper spayed her principal, her parents send her away to willow falls where her uncle lives. Emily (Tara’s cousin) throws her a party where she meets Rory, Amanda, David and Leo. Tara steals her uncles comic book to sell it an gain money so she went to a collectible store where she met Angelina. Tara find out that Angelina sold the comic book to uncle roger but she didn’t want Angelina to tell him. Tara and Angelina made a deal, Angelina wouldn’t tell uncle Rogers if she found 13 items on a list. If Tara doesn’t collect 13 mysterious objects for the old women then she would have bad consequences.

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