Saturday, March 17, 2018

SOL #5: Worst day

I woke up at 9:04. My head was hurting so bad. My neck was hurting. My chest was hurting. I was feeling super dizzy. I grabbed an apple and went to sit in the living room. My dad was calling but I didn’t answer for some reason :/ i don’t even know the reason either. Well the call was to ask me if I wanted to go to the Saint Patricks Parade at downtown and I said Okay. Me and my sister get ready, I Put on a pair of jeans and a shirt. After 6 mins My dad says “hurry so we could go eat breakfast at mcdonalds” *We eat breakfast and get to downtown * “WOW” I say because There was A LOT of people there, I thought there wasn't going to be a lot of people there since it was sort of cold.  People were wearing green skirts, green shirts, socks, necklaces, hoodies, etc. I forgot to wear green we were probably like the only ones that weren’t wearing green but whatever. Lots of traffic some people almost got ran over, One word to describe this situation: crazy. The worst thing was that Im sick and at the end we wanted to go see the river because it was going to be green so we went it took us like 30 mins, I was tired and I felt weak, My legs were hurting. It takes another 30 mins to get the car, When i sit in the car seat I say “Omg finally”. To be honest in my opinion the parade was boring It wasn't worth the 12 dollars of parking for me to not enjoy it.

SOL #4 mandela effect :o

Yesterday I found out that looney toons is not written like that it’s looney tunes . When I read that I was shocked seriously I remember being looney toons not tunes 🤯 This whole mandela effect thing is so weird like how does this happen?!?! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SOL #3: Monday off :)

Monday morning I wake up and it’s 9:30 I eat breakfast and get ready to go to the park because my friend invited me so I get ready. I get out of my house and I thought “well it’s not that cold, the hoodie will do” and then we just walk around and talk about random things and our chisme. Like around an hour I started getting really cold I couldn’t feel my face or my body so we went to my friend’s house and watched YouTube videos later I left at 2:50 pm.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

SOL #2

A funny moment with crystal (my cousin):

So me and crystal were waiting inside the car for crystal’s aunt because she went to buy some milk at 7-11 and then a random guy just comes up to the car and asks crystal how her mommy was and after he left we just started cracking up. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Am I putting a lot of effort?

So far my one word is going sort of good and bad. Something that is going well with my one word is getting to wake earlier and getting to school earlier.  Something I need to improve is on doing my work and finishing my homework on time.

Slice of Life

Birthday memory...

On my birthday I asked my mom to order a cake with SPECIFIC colors and when we went to pick it up it was a whole different color. Best birthday ever 👏🏻

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


My one word is effort. For me, it means to put all my best into something and attempt it even if it’s difficult. Well I chose this word because I want to put all my effort into only 1 thing this year. I’m going to put effort into school by finishing all my homework, participating more, and by asking for help when needed.

SOL #5: Worst day

I woke up at 9:04. My head was hurting so bad. My neck was hurting. My chest was hurting. I was feeling super dizzy. I grabbed an apple and ...