Wednesday, May 23, 2018


The butterfly project is a project where we had to do a butterfly representing a Holocaust poem. And we had to draw things that were based on the poem or things that came to your mind when you read the poem.

Today the ghetto knows a different fear,

Close in its grip, death wields an Icy scythe.
An evil sickness spreads a terror in its wake. 
The victims of its shadow, weep and writhe. 
Today a Father’s heartbeat tells his fright,
And Mother’s bend their heads into their hands,
Now children choke and die with typhus here,
A bitter tax is taken from their bands.

My heart still beats inside my breast 
while friends depart for other worlds
Perhaps it’s better— who can say?
Than watching this, to die today?

No no, My god we want to live!
Not watch our numbers melt away.
We want to have a better world
We want to work — we must not die!

What I learned about this was how terrible things were in the concentration camp.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Best book blog

My best book from third quarter was 13 gifts. It’s a fiction book and the main characters are Leo. Amanda, Rory, and Tara. Tara breaks Into school to steal a goat and pepper spayed her principal, her parents send her away to willow falls where her uncle lives. Emily (Tara’s cousin) throws her a party where she meets Rory, Amanda, David and Leo. Tara steals her uncles comic book to sell it an gain money so she went to a collectible store where she met Angelina. Tara find out that Angelina sold the comic book to uncle roger but she didn’t want Angelina to tell him. Tara and Angelina made a deal, Angelina wouldn’t tell uncle Rogers if she found 13 items on a list. If Tara doesn’t collect 13 mysterious objects for the old women then she would have bad consequences.

Friday, March 30, 2018

SOL #10: Awesome news!

Today I found out that my cousin Crystal is coming to visit! The reason why im excited is because she went away to New Mexico about 6 months ago and I haven’t seen her in so long and I miss her a lot. PLUS she didn’t say bye to me when she left which is unforgettable 😡, so im still mad at her just a tiny bit.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

SOL #9: nap time goes wrong all the time

I come home from school and I’m tired so I decided to take a nap. I wake up randomly and hear my dogs toy squeaking, my mom talking so loud, my sister talking on the phone with her speaker on. I’m so irritated right now. Like everytime i take a nap on the living room in the sofa either my dad comes in and turns on the television WITH THE HIGH VOLUME or my sister is running around with walle (dog). It’s like they’re doing it on purpose, like damn just let me take a good nap for once!!. The least I want to hear when i wake up is loud noises.

SOL #8: Switching seats in class

Today in math class the teacher said that we were going to switch seats so I was happy to see who I was going to sit next to. Since the teacher made us fill out like a paper saying to choose 2 people that we wanted to sit with, I chose the only two people im very close with. Great news! I got to sit with friends :).

SOL #7: Sneaking into the movie theater

Few months ago the movie IT came out and I wanted to watch it with a friend so I planned on going with one of my best friends. We found out that we needed an adult to go because it was rated R. We had no option but to take my mom. We got there and the tickets were sold out, my friend had an idea. Her idea was to buy tickets to go see another movie but then sneak into the IT movie. We bought tickets for the Annabelle movie and went running to the IT movie. Phew we didn’t get caught.

SOL #6: bad decision

A few months ago I went to six flags with my cousin Crystal and my friend Fernanda. It was already like 9:00 PM and my mom had work tomorrow so my mom calls me and tells me to meet her at the entrance. I asked her if we could stay a little longer but she says no. I was pretty pissed because we had gone to only like 4-5 roller coasters which I thought it wasnt that fair so I was thinking of getting on the joker ride but there was a lot of people in line so on our way out I see a ride named “King chaos”. It’s a ride that goes up and down (uh i dont know how to explain this exactly) okay so we get on it and I realize that i forgot to put my glasses away... the ride starts and i tried my best to hold my glasses to my face but when we flip back they flew off my face :( I was screaming at my friend that my glasses flew off and she was laughing so hard. We tried to find them but they never appeared, I told my mom about it and she just said “oh well, we cant do anything about it”. I realized that I should’ve obey my mom. Lesson learned ✅


The butterfly project is a project where we had to do a butterfly representing a Holocaust poem. And we had to draw things that were base...